Nida Mehboob

4th September 2020
6pm IST
The webinar will be held on the online platform Zoom. To register for the webinar please click on the link below:

About the artist :

Nida Mehboob is a photographer & filmmaker based in Lahore, Pakistan. She graduated as a pharmacist but left the field to pursue photography. Her documentary work got her into several international workshops and fellowships over the years including a fellowship by Magnum Foundation for their Social Justice Program in 2019. She has been selected to attend the Berlin Film Festival as a Talent in 2020. Her topic of interests includes themes of social injustice varying from religious persecution and gender discrimination in Pakistan. 

Current work

“My ongoing project that I have been working on since 2017 is a visual documentation of the marginalisation of a minority community in Pakistan called Ahmadis. I see my work in different chapters and one of those is a photobook that I am working on that is a tongue and cheek interplay of photographs and text in the form of a survival guide. ”
-Nida Mehboob

The Guftgu Series have been facilitated and supported by Pro-Helvetia New Delhi’s Now On Grant for the year 2020.

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