An artist initiative based in New Delhi, India working with photography and bookmaking.

“How can we work with the language of photography
to help bring ideas and thoughts together…
to converse, research and understand the world we occupy?”

Offset Projects works to create channels of engagement in photography and book making through artist talks, workshops, residencies, curated reading rooms and collaborative exercises in publishing. We believe that story telling lies at the heart of human creative energy and would like to make a space for collective engagement, meaningful critique and reflective inquiry.

Our Programs

Offset Pitara- The Travelling Library

A curated collection of photo-books from South Asia and Beyond carefully put together through founder Anshika Varma’s private collection and contributions by artists in the region.

Offset Consultancy and Bookshop

Over the past few years we have worked with artists to help with the various aspects of publishing and distribution for self and independently produced photo-books and artist books. Write to us to book a consult.

Workshops and Residencies

The Offset Studio organizes regular workshops on various aspects of book making, editing and residencies for research on subjects related to photography and visual media.

Education, Talks and Programs

Offset also works in collaboration with various institutions and educational initiatives to organize for talks and programs that look at manners where visual media can meet the various intersections in multidisciplinary mediums of research.

Offset Events

Artist Talk- Serena Chopra
On the Launch of Majnu Ka Tilla
Alliance Francaise, New Delhi
Book Reading and Artist Talk
Sharing Session with the Tibetan Community
Delhi & Dharamshala
“Evidence And Erasure”
Panel Discussion on publishing as resistance
Arles Book Fair, France
Offset Bookshop
Arles Book Fair, France
Offset Pitara – a curated reading room
Bangalore International Center

Offset Publications

Guftgu by Offset Projects

Guftgu / Guft-gu:/ गुफ्तगू  / گفتگو
Editor/Curator – Anshika Varma
Published by Offset Projects

Hard Case deconstructed photobook featuring chapters by 10 contemporary photographers from India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Adira Thekkuveettil               Diwas Raja KC
Amarnath Praful                     Jaisingh Nageshwaran
Arko Datto                                Nandita Raman
Arun Vijai Mathavan             Nida Mehboob
Cheryl Mukherjee                    Uma Bista

The Guftgu book published by Offset Projects looks at the interrogations and practices of 10 contemporary photographers in South Asia presented as individual chapters designed in context to each artists practice and process. The works featured look at inquiries on identity formation and history building through perspectives of gender, caste and inheritance among many others. Emerging out of dialogues with practitioners when our world seemed restrained physically, the works incorporated in this curation expand on a growing visual language within South Asia and its diaspora. It offers a complex study of a land in transit, triggered by personal responses of photographers to their contemporary climates.

Offset Pitara at India Art Fair 2020

Art book vs. book on art

Questioning photography with Guftgu
India’s Traveling Library Is Bringing Rare Photobooks to the Masses

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