The Offset Pitara- A Travelling Library

The Offset Pitara is a travelling library of curated photo-books that offers a diverse visual voice from the South Asian region (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) from young practitioners to experienced artists, bookmakers and authors. books from our collection travel to various festivals, events and cities with the purpose of making story-telling through photography accessible to readers outside of the visual world and to practitioners of the medium.

The Offset Library has been conceived as a resource space for photographers, researchers and those interested in the visual media. Our growing collection of books are put together with thought and care to include a range of subjects in story-telling as well as the changes and growth of photography in the book form.To view our current collection of book titles, please view/ download a pdf file of our list by clicking here

If you are keen to explore the library or would like to collaborate on programs and workshops please write to us at:

The Pitara is able to exist and create robust programming through the generosity of many patrons and authors who have donated books to our collection. If you would like to support being done by the library, and help us expand our current book collection, please do let us know. We would be thrilled to have your support! Write to us at :

We are currently updating our library archives.
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