Aqui Thami, Sister Library

14th August 2020
6pm IST
The webinar will be held on the online platform Zoom. To join the webinar please click on the link below:

Library images courtesy the Sister Library Instagram page

About Aqui Thami

aqui Thami is an indigenous artist from the Thangmi peoples of the Himalayas, her practice is centred within the culture of DIY [Do It Yourself], self-publishing and guerrilla posters. She firmly believes in creating art that is grounded in the act of ‘doing’ while addressing socio-political issues. The core of her art practice is healing as she works with experiences of marginalisation and resilience; her own and the people she collaborates with. In 2018, she received the Inlaks Fine Art Award, in 2019 she was felicitated as one of the 50 most influential young Indians by GQ magazine, in 2020 she received the Next Generation Art Grant by the Prince Claus Fund.  Collections of Aqui Thami’s art can be found in the contemporary art museums and art foundations all over the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Wellcome Collection, and many others. Sister Library founded by Aqui Thami as an evolving and generative project. It engages in in-depth reflection on the visual and reading culture of our times. It is also the first feminist library of South Asia. Aqui Thami is based in Bombay.

About Sister Library

The Sister Library is a library powered by female excellence. It is an evolving and generative artwork that engages in in-depth reflection on the visual and reading culture of our times.

The goal of the project is to bring together readers to explore the literary contribution, showcase the artistic quality and celebrate the contributions of women in the creative world as well as to foster interests and understanding of the accomplishments of women writers and artists.
In 2018 we travelled to different parts of india and realised that reading women meant so much to so many people. We want to make a library which is a safe space, that is inclusive and inspirational. a permanent physical space that raises feminist consciousness.

The Sister Library is able to create this safe space through community participation and engagement. To support the amazing work done by the Library, contribute to their camapaign by clicking on the link below :

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