vishwa shroff and katsushi goto

May 2020 Art Bites-8

2nd June 2020
6pm IST
The webinar will be held on the online platform Zoom. To join the webinar please click on the link below:

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Our June programming begins with a conversation between artist duo Vishwa Shroff and Katsushi Goto who will be discussing how their individual practice in graphics and architecture has influenced their collaborative book projects with specific focus on Room and Postulating Premises.


About the artists :

Vishwa Shroff

Vishwa Shroff’s artistic practise is firmly rooted in drawing, with a proclivity towards architectural forms that serve as compelling take-off points for a deeper contemplation on memory and our relationship with the material world. Her works seek to explore the narratives of lived experiences that lay embedded within surfaces. Mundane accidents and absent-minded aberrations – a missing tile in a floor for example – simultaneously become signifiers of the presence of absence and the potential of a future presence. Through her sensitive observation, Shroff chronicles the banal to unravel the sublime within it.

Katsushi Goto

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