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We’re excited to launch the first of our workshops on Book Making!!!

Exploring the editing process in Photobooks

Participants should have a photographic project in an advanced state, not necessarily completed, which can be turn into a publication.
Applications including a pre-selection of 25 to 50 images should be shared by filling up the application at :

As many pictures as possible, printed in small size and belonging to same body of work, will be needed during the workshop.

FROM THE THEORY TO THE BOOK is a collaborative workshop aimed to find ways to read images: while exploring the endless possibilities of the editing process and its meaningful limitations, the workshop will offer a space for discussions and develop a method both creative and practical to make books, with a hand-on approach for the sequence and the design. In 5 full days, we will attempt to cover all the theoretical tools useful to build up a visual narrative in the book form: shifting the reading of a single image to a sequence of images, editing according to the concept and the intentions of the work, questioning the visual representation and the messages conveyed in the images, and placing them in a sequence. Collective feedback and trials will lead to discover possible pairs and sequences of photographs, understanding the potential of a photographic project and re-imagine it in a book form.

Every photobook is a self-contained universe with its own set of rules. The storytelling starts from the spark of an intuition, and it needs time and process to develop into a final form. During the genesis of a photobook, ambiguities and clashes, unexpected juxtapositions and riddles will emerge, revealing the pleasure and pain of visual language. Every picture will gain a different meaning when placed in a broader perspective of the book as a whole.

Participants are encouraged to develop visual and conceptual non-linear narrative and use text or other material. Engaging with questions around reality and fiction, as well as objectivity and subjectivity, the workshop will lead to better understand the approach to use in order to publish a photobook. Notions of printing, binding, designing and marketing will be covered.

You can also send in an email at for any further inquiries.

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Offset Projects is an initiative that hopes to create spaces and channels of engagement in story-telling, lens-media and book-making through continued workshops, residencies, artist talks and photo-book reading rooms.

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