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Can the process of image making lead to introspection, healing and exploration of our own beings? In the books presented, the authors of their works have put forward a deeply personal engagement of the photographic process, the exploration of one’s own vulnerability seen through the prism of the lens. Many indigenous tribes believe that when a photograph is taken, it captures the soul of those whom it photographs. In keeping their presence alive within the images the photographers have created, the book becomes a testament to the conversation of their interior landscape. They leave tiny fragments of relationships – with themselves, their families, gender and anxieties and celebrations emerging from these relationship dynamics.

  1. Us&Beyond – Thuma Collective
  2. Happy Goodnight – Sanjeev Saith
  3. Harvest – Valentina Abenavoli
  4. The Middle of Somewhere – Sam Harris
  5. Kagerou – Yusuke Tagaki
  6. Instant Light – Andrei Tarkovsky
  7. Call Me Heena- Shahria Sharmin
  8. On Abortion – Laia Abril
  9. Ravens – Masahisa Fukase


Set against the backdrop of an artists’ studio garden, the Pitara invited its readers to find their corner, their spot of shade under the trees, to observe, engage and become a part of the journey undertaken by these photographers.

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Photographs courtesy : Adil Hasan

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